Friday, 27 April 2012

1000 Followers... Why Not?

If you're reading this, you either have a mild interest in what I am up to, or I have shamelessly cajoled you until you popped over just to shut me up.  Either way, I would greatly appreciate it if you click on the "Join this site" button by scrolling down to the panel under my Facebook picture, on the right side of the main screen, where the people are listed who are already following.  Then, follow the prompts to register through an existing networking service that you use, such as GMail, Twitter, Yahoo, or whatever.  I have this ridiculous goal of attracting 1000 followers - yes, one thousand - by the time I complete my autobiography. 

Assuming that the book takes me 2 years to complete, I will need to gain an average of roughly 1.5 followers a day.  So, yeah, it's not likely to happen.  But I don't care, and am going to try anyway.  I mean, I abandoned the pursuit of a full-time teaching career to try and make it as a writer, so there isn't much point in aiming low.  Besides, the odds against attracting 1000 followers are no more daunting than those against getting published, and I'm obviously trying to do that.

So, if you're still reading, you might as well got ahead and "follow," this blog, post it on your Facebook wall, tell a friend, tweet it or whatever else might be of help in my attempt to gain maximum exposure and attract 1000 followers. (actually, we're down to 996 as of tonight.)

Thanks for all of your support,.

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