Thursday, 26 April 2012

Book Excerpts

After consulting with a respected friend and colleague,* I have decided that I am going to include some excerpts from each chapter of my autobiography as I go along.  Please keep in mind that everything is subject to change until the book is published. (should the God of Literature will such a thing).  So, whatever excerpts I post may or may not be included when the dust settles.  Nevertheless, I think it will be nice to provide a few small examples of what I'm up to, and perhaps even create and nurture a bit of a buzz among those who choose to follow this project. 

I will create a separate post for the excerpts from the Introduction and first two chapters to save those who have already read those posts the aggravation of revisiting them.  From now on, however, the excerpts will be included in their respective chapter's post.


* The friend who I am referring to is D.G. Gass, author of "Ghosts of Arlington."  Check out her book by clicking on the link below.

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